School temple visit

It was a bit of a jumbled week last week at Thida. With two days off timetable due to the students taking their Thai midterms, on Wednesday we expected a normal day of lessons. Of course, being Thailand, that didn’t happen. At 8.30 everyone in MEP from Prathom 1 to Prathom 6 walked in unison with a bouquet of small flowers and candles over to the temple opposite school.

When we arrived everyone took off their shoes and continued into a building where a Buddhist monk warmly greeted us. The students sat on the floor and we were guided towards the nicely carved wooden benches near the front. I guess that has something to do with being a ‘farang?’ Can’t really say we understood the Thai ceremony that took place but there seemed to be a light-hearted sense of humor between everyone who did.

After the ceremony took place we walked over to another temple where we placed and handed over our gifts of flowers and candles. Overall, the day was another colourful, unique Thai experience that made a nice change to every day routine. The students had a good time and we were thankful to be included and welcomed on the trip.

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