First full week down

Well, today is officially the completion of our first full week of work. We started work over 2 weeks ago but had yet to work a full week until today. 


It’s been really busy with all of the new teachers, but I’ve been impressed with everyone. All of them are really doing a fantastic job and are taking the job seriously. They’re all working hard to develop their teaching skills and be good teachers. I think this will be a really successful year for us and I’m looking forward to it. 


Good luck everyone!

Military coup

Well, I can say that living in a country which has declared marshall law is a new one for me; a check off the ol’ list. 

Living here in Surat, where most, if not all, people in the south are of the same political party, there isn’t much cause for concern. On Thursday night, we got the word that we had a day off of school on Friday. A curfew of 10pm has been put into place, but no one is really enforcing it. A lot of restaurants and shops are closing early but there are still people out and about on the street. Life seems to be going on at, nearly, its normal pace. 


Bangkok has been a different story. The military is roaming the streets and there has been some violence. I’m sure the curfew is being enforced much more strictly and there’s even been rumors that social media, or the internet as a whole, could be blacked out. 


Only time will tell how things will progress, but one thing’s for sure: it’s an interesting time to be in Thailand. 

Back to school

Well, the first full week of school starts tomorrow. We’ve already had 2 days of school last week and although they went well, I’m finding it a bit difficult settling into a routine. Coming out of a 2 1/2 month break and resuming a regular work schedule is not an easy task. The regular need to lesson plan, be prepared for class, grade, and be at my best is a bit foreign at the moment.


That all being said, it feels great to be back at school. I missed my old students, and although I’m not their teacher anymore, seeing them everyday puts a smile on my face. I hope this year brings that same sort of connection with my new students.


Fingers crossed.