May in P6

We’ve hit the ground running pretty well in P6 so far.  Our math study has consisted of a lot of fractions–a concept that’s been covered at length in P5.  Luckily, the students were sharp with these ideas and we’ve been able to move through things rapidly.  So far, we’ve worked with multiplying and dividing fractions, fractions and whole numbers, and finding ‘how many’ fraction pieces are in a particular number.  Of course, word problems are a bit challenging, but it gives some much needed English to the class math session.  Our next chapter covers decimals, which the students should have sufficient background to build upon.  My goal is to get through these early chapters so we have enough time for the more complicated ones and can spent the necessary (or more) time.

In science we reviewed the scientific method.  My goal is to do more projects and experiments with them, so I thought it was important to take a few days and examine some basic steps.  They enjoyed watching some YouTube videos about classroom safety and how experiments can go wrong, which definitely helped to reinforce the safety aspect!  We got our first grade of the term with a spelling quiz grade and it got the kids out of the gate nicely.  Currently, we’re working on different body systems–we’re wrapping up the skeletal system in the next few days and moving to the muscular system in June.  Having an easy, built in example of human joints and things makes the learning a lot easier for the kids.  We’ve been able to have a lot of quick, easy games to further their understanding.

Finally, in English, we’ve been working a lot on possessive forms and progressive tenses.  The start to the chapter was pretty simple for the kids, but as we progressive and mix in past and present tenses, it can challenge the children.  We’re coming close to the end of the first chapter, but I like to make sure I get at least one score for listening, reading, writing, speaking, and spelling.  The more grades the better in my opinion.  Chapter two deals with ‘Weekend Fun,’ so I’m assuming they’ll be well versed in different fun weekend activities!

The first few weeks have flown by with not too many breaks, but as we get into June and July, there is Sports Day, various holidays, and other events, so best to keep the foot on the gas now and get as much accomplished while we can!

Back to School!

Well, it’s finally here–the new school year!  It was a long, fun break that saw many beloved teachers leave their Thida posts and a great group of new teachers come in.  They’ve all hit the ground running and are doing a great job so far!  Teaching our MEP 1 section is Matt, P2 is Shea, while Scott and Hannah take the P4 classrooms.  Finally, Ben and Megan round out the P5 and P6 classrooms, respectively.

Of course, getting the new school year going involves a lot–simply getting to school and the classroom, of course!  The new teachers have done a great job absorbing all the material, working to make their classes fun and engaging, and being friendly to the students.

For myself, I’m on my last turn with my current class.  I’ve seen them grow from little ones in P3 all the way to P6!  It’s been fun to see their development, personality, and unique style grow over the past few years.  The P6 material is definitely material that needs review before entering the classroom, but it’s sharpened my knowledge and anticipation of questions, problems, and areas of trouble.

The P6 students are off to a great start.  We had our first math quiz on multiplying fractions followed up with a scientific method spelling quiz.  While the school year is still brand new, the goal is always to get through as much material as possible during the first semester.  Sports Day, various holidays, and other events always pop up, so it’s important to grind it out now while there is still time!

I’m looking forward to a great year and think it’s going to be a fun and memorable one!