Animals of SE Asia — by Catherine

Being away from my dog has not been an easy thing. I’ve always grown up with animals in my house, and the first chance I got to get an animal when I moved out of my dorm in North Carolina, I rescued a cat from the Humane Society. Not being able to have animals here has not been helpful in regards to my animal needs, especially when I have a great one at home.

However, there is always a silver lining in each tale. In Thailand, Malaysia, and I suppose the rest of SE Asia, there is an abundant amount of animals roaming the streets. One must remember though, not all animals are nice. What I have found is that most of the cats actually seem to be friendlier than the dogs (surprisingly). I believe this crazy, mixed-up notion is because a lot of the dogs become some kind of guardians to whatever area they hang around. Some are nice, some just bark at you, but some might bite!

So remember, even though the animals are cute, they are not necessarily nice, or clean (ew). If you’re feeling homesick for a pet, maybe find a pet store, find a nice neighborhood cat, or buy a stuffed animal!

Food in Surat – Rice Lady

What? Rice Lady’s Pad See Ew
Where? On Amphur, across from the 7-11 by the new house. Look for the striped awning.
How much? 30 baht

Shortly after arriving in Surat, I started hearing good things about Rice Lady and her tasty food. We decided to test out the food ourselves, and we were definitely not disappointed.

The Pad See Ew is tasty stuff. It comes with thin noodles in some amazing sauce, veggies (maybe green onion & garlic??), and your choice of meat. I recommend the dish with chicken, but pork is tasty as well. The sauce really makes the dish. It is sweet amazing-ness and not spicy at all, kind of like Chow Mein. Don’t get me wrong, I love spiciness, but this is a nice change from the many spicy dishes found in Surat. If you sit down, ice water is included, which is always nice. I also hear Corner Guy has some tasty Pad See Ew, so I’ll have to see how it compares.

Bottom line: It’s tasty. It’s cheap. Rice Lady is nice. Try it out!

My Picks for Best Food in Surat — by Blake

I put together another quick video of some of my favorite dishes and places to eat in Surat. If you’re new to Surat Thani, you have to try these!

If you want to see the rest, it’s at my own blog…

Enjoy your time in Surat!

Night Market GRUB! — by Blake

I’m missing Surat already!  I put together this quick video about my favorite eats at the night market in Surat… check it out… holla.

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