Recently in P6

I’ll say teaching P6 has definitely sharpened my overall knowledge, especially in science and math.  I’m sure I did things like finding the area of a quadrant, but that information was long lost from my memory.  August has come and gone and we’re now in the home stretch until our October holiday, so here’s a recap of what’s happening in P6.

In math, we worked with percentages and applying them to word problems.  This was definitely a challenging unit for the kids based upon the technical language.  We had a lot of time to work with these items and I found drawing a model for the kids helped them the most.  We just finished a unit on finding area/perimeter of circles, semicircles, and quadrants.  A lot of formulas, which I found I needed to have the kids practice in their notebooks and write on the board for their quiz.  They definitely improved in this area, so that was great to see!

In science, we’ve moved on from our body systems to talking about growing and how medicine and drugs can affect our bodies.  We were able to watch some cool videos and learn how cigarettes and alcohol can be harmful for our bodies.  I wanted to do a poster making activity, but due to time constraints, we moved on to ecosystems.  This has been a quick study, as we did a lot of these things in P5.  I think it was most effective taking the kids outside so they could see first hand what producers, consumers, and decomposers are around school.

Finally, in English we’ve done a few group projects.  The language in the book is a bit simple for them and it’s boring for everybody to have me lecture, so a group directions project was our latest venture.  The kids picked a place, told directions, and discussed what they do at different places around Surat.  They really love these projects and it’s a good way for me to gauge their learning and teamwork skills.  I’ve taken their previously learned language about shopping and directions to introduce synonyms and antonyms.  Their vocabulary book is a bit simple for them, so we typically make these spelling lists via online resources.  It’s been a nice way to add something new this year.

Overall, it’s been a good year and hard to believe it’s almost at the semester break time.  I’ve seen a lot of growth and personality develop from my kids during this time as well!  Here are some recent pics from class: