by Jamie Erman (November, 2005 – November, 2006)

It has been just over eight months since I began working at Super English and the time sure has flown by. Time to fill you in how I feel about the job and being in Thai Ville. When I had first decided to apply to Super English, I was impressed on how much the school presented itself as a “put the kids first business” and a real learning centre that is child-oriented. In my time here I have seen nothing but fruition of this claim. It is as true today as it was the first week that I came here.

The staff (new and old) and the management team have gone above and beyond the normal expectations one should have for a job to make me feel welcome and appreciated. I can’t stress enough that every time I walk in the door, I feel like I am being treated with the utmost respect, genuine care, and friendly atmosphere that one could only dream of from an employer.

The allowances made for a student in my Super Level 7 class only solidified the reasons I love working here and my belief that the school is true to its word. Having the complete flexibility to be creative in my class shows not only trust in the school’s teachers and the means to allow its teachers to grow, but cements the fact that Super English has been true to its claim to me that it is all about its teachers and students. Adhering to things like this gives the school an integrity in my mind, allows my teaching to flourish, and has gained my respect on so many levels. The school is at the forefront of its field and I am not the first to point it out.

In the classroom I think I have both improved on my challenging areas and honed my strengths as a teacher. Everyday is a learning experience and I find that I learn as much as I teach. I am glad that I am in an environment that encourages this. The improvements to the classes at Thida have been wonderful, as it has taken a part of my job that was sometimes a chore and made it quite enjoyable for me. This shows that not only is Super English pushing Thida for improvements to make their teachers life easier, but a willingness from Thida to adapt to our needs. Too many Thai schools are terrible and Thida is far from perfect, but this effort goes a long way in my eyes.

Though there are challenges in my job and not everyday is a great day, this can be said about any job. All my challenges are met with relative ease and with the constant support of my co-workers and the management team, which makes the challenges seem insignificant.

In closing I would like to say that I am as happy with my job now as I was when I first came. It is my pleasure to be a Super English employee and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach to the best of my creative ability.