1.5 Year Testimonial

by Dylan Bird (May, 2008 – October, 2009)

Sadly this will be the last testimonial that I will be writing for Super English, at least for this year anyhow (who knows what the future will hold). Next month I will be off on a whole new set of adventures back in England and beyond. It is with great sadness indeed that I will be leaving Surat and Super. I have had the most amazing time here. I have made some fantastic lifelong friends (who will not be hearing the last of me) and I have fallen in love with the lovely little kids that fill my life with life everyday.

This term has seen some new faces in the way of teachers at Super, we continue to grow, which means more dancing partners and neighbours to annoy for me!! It has seen some old faces leave, you have been missed already!! And I have had some lovely (and one not so lovely) new classes to teach at Thida. We are already nearly finished the term and it feels like it has gone by so quickly!! This term has seen us learning to cook Thai food at a local restaurant, getting very soggy on a rainy boat trip down the river, quiz nights hosted by a few of the super teachers at at Biggs bar, leaving parties and Bingo nights for Codie and Caleb, a new cinema set up at the “happy house of Lala and Sunny” (how did it get named that???), and brilliant birthday dance routines for your truly. It has really flown by and all too soon it is time for me to again pack up my little spotted knapsack and be on my merry way.

I have had the most amazing 18 months of my life. I came here travel a wee bit and have a crack at teaching and I feel I will be leaving (without being big headed) a bloody good and very inspired teacher. And that is owed so much to my friends, co-workers and fellow teachers who inspire me daily to be the best, most creative and fun teacher I can be!! An almighty thank you to Peter and Victoria for giving me this amazing adventure, one of the happiest experiences of my life!! Thank you for giving me the help, the advice, the ideas, the tools, the props, and the creative freedom to become the teacher I am now, and for inspiring in me a love of teaching!! This experience has definitely changed the course of my life for the future too as I plan to continue teaching in environmental education when I get back to the UK . Again a huge thank you!!