Erica's 6 month testimonial

by Erica Ambrose (October, 2007  – March, 2009)

I have been living and working in Surat Thani since October. I am really enjoying my first few months in Thailand. Working for Super English is great. It is a small school so you really get time to get to know the kids, and to develop a rapport with them. The classes are small, compared to classes at Thida, and you get to see progress in all of your students regardless of what their English ability is.

The kids are extremely cute and almost all of them are really eager to learn English. It is really fun to have conversations with your kids and it is very rewarding when you actually discern what they are trying to tell you. Stories often involve a lot of gesturing and drawing but that is half the fun!

The system of teaching that Peter uses at Super really works, it gives the kids the basics building blocks of English, which allows them to build confidence. Once the kids develop a working knowledge of English you simply build upon their base knowledge. It is a system that takes some effort to learn but once you do it is quite simple to develop fun lesson plans that the kids enjoy.

Surat Thani is definitely a Thai town, there is not a lot of English spoken here at all, however the people are really friendly and I have always found help when I have needed it. I have had some issues with my bicycle, my chain falls off fairly regularly. There has not been a single time when a Thai person has not stopped to help me fix it. We also live in a small Thai neighborhood and everyone is very friendly and directs us where to go if we ask them to.

I love living in Surat. It is a relaxed place where you can generally do whatever you want to if you are willing to put forth the effort. It is not always easy but everything you need is available if you seek it out.

I am taking yoga classes and looking into massage classes. Surat is also a great place to be situated for travelling. I think working for Super English was a good choice to have made. Peter and the staff are very helpful and accommodating. I would recommend working at Super to anyone who loves kids and is looking for an adventure.