Cats. — by Ryan

What’s an internet blog doing without any cats on it? Lets fix this. With Amber’s video about “Cat-vertising” taking over the new internet market, I figured we could use a little bit of that magic for ourselves. I was doing a quick run down of my local cat-tastic internet sites. This is what I found, and it is wonderful.

I must be purrfect.

"I love you Bella, become a werecat." "No, I will be a Catpire."

Up where they sleep, up where they sleep, up where they sleep all day in the sun.

Mr. Tabby, Mr. Siamese, Mr. Calico...

The last lesson is the closest. How to kill with just a claw.

Sometimes Furball moves slow. But that is because Furball doesn't have to move for anyone.

And this one is to take home to the wife and kids. 

Gamers Delight. — by Ryan

To all those avid gamers coming to Thailand (I know you are) fear not. While internet gaming might be out of reach, there is a plethora of gaming that can still be had here with the simple use of your computer. You may not get some platform specific games or the next gen 3d gaming consul, but you can still get yourself some pretty fun games from fps to rpgs downloaded right to your computer without the need to go buy the game from a store!

Steam Powered is here.

Steam. Get your head in the game.

The revolution in gaming has happened and it is Steam Powered. You sign up for a free account then you can download thousands of games right to your finger tips. Steam has been around for a while, but the new steam powered is helping to save money, get the games to the people, and assist indie gaming companies to put their foot in the door. Also, they have sales and deals on the games constantly, so you want to check the site daily to see if they have some cool game you were thinking about buying for half price. It’s the ideal way to stay connected to the gaming community. That, and, the most trusted gaming website on the web. Really.

The most recent download for me was the game Portal 2. It’s a first person strategy that combines puzzles and portals (go figure) with the outcome of an amazing game. To say the least it’s one of my top 4 games played this year. This sequel does the first portal justice in the fact it still have fun loving and evil robots, with hilarious banter and a great but simple storyline. It’s a game you can just fall into and not know you’ve spent 4 hours playing. I suggest it.

If that doesnt make your geek stomach grumble, I dont know what will.

The Carleton. — by Ryan

I was thinking back to some of my fonder childhood memories recently. Obviously when thinking of these things, you would obviously come across “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” This show has a moving storyline, engaging plot, and pulls at your heartstrings while not being to serious. In all honesty, it could be one of the greatest TV shows of all time. But we all know that.

I wanted to dig deeper. Find out some of the amazing things that were created during that show. One thing in particular struck my fancy. I wanted to know how “The Carlton Dance” came to be. After researching for many hours (more like 20 minutes) I came across startling news.

Not only do I now have more respect for Carleton, I have a renewed awe for Bruce Springsteen.

Its hard to believe right?


You go girl.

Flip that hair back and forth Will.

And the Oscar goes to… — by Ryan

It’s that time of the year again. Time for actors to see if they’re going to be getting bigger paychecks next year. I only hope they all do, they deserve it. It’s also that time for those of us in Thailand to get our dvd screener downloading on. All in all, I need to get my ish together. I need to see all these best picture movies. As of right now these are my tentative oscar picks. I left out the categories where I didn’t know enough of the movies to make a good guess.

Best Picture – Moneyball

Leading Actor – Gary Oldman in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”

Supporting Actor – Jonah Hill in “Money Ball”

Leading Actress – Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady”

Supporting Actress – Jessica Chastain in “The Help”

Animated Feature – Kung Fu Panda 2

Sound Editing – Drive

Visual Effects – Rise of the Planet of the Apes

If I make any changes due to movies I see soon, I’ll get back to you. Pc

Weekend weather. — by Ryan

As we’re bringing in the new year, I’m sure you are all are doing well. I’m hoping your lists of resolutions are being quickly checked off while still maintaining some of the old you inside.

I just wanted to bring your attention to the change and surprise in weather for this weekend upcoming! From what I can see off the radar, we have scattered thunderstorms possible on friday with highs in the upper 80’s and lows around the low 70’s. For saturday we have a cloudy day with a 20% chance of precipitation. Highs are going to be in the mid 80’s with lows in the low 70’s. This Sunday we are going to have possible scattered thunderstorms with highs in the low 80’s and lows in the low 70’s.

Like Ollie Williams says, “It’s gunna rain!”

I just wanted you to prepare for this drastic change in weather that we’re going to have this coming weekend. So get your rain jackets, ponchos and umbrellas out because it looks like it’s going to be wet and hot one! I know, very unusual stuff coming up. Prepare for the great weekend!

❤ Smelly

Rains a coming. Watch out!

Music to set the Mood. — by Ryan

When arriving to Thailand, you suddenly find out that most of your favorite and highly frequented websites are suddenly inaccessible. For some reason, websites like Hulu and Pandora have something wrong with Thailand. Maybe Thailand bullied these sites when they were growing up. Regardless, we need to adapt and overcome. So there are a few music sites floating around that will work regardless of your Thai location.

1. – An emotional internet radio.

This site has a list of different emotions you may be feeling at that moment. You click the emotion and are taken to a 20-30 song playlist of songs that the website feels emulates the mood. It’s a quick way to get a bunch of different artists playing one certain mood type, as opposed to artists that sound similar/other people like this band when they listen to this song. It’s a nice way to either keep feeling blue, or get out of your funk and into a romantic feel. My favorite mood is obviously sexy. I can’t wait until they get “Just killed my first man” mood. I’m going to need that realllll soon.

2. – Internet radio with music videos.

Internet radio with music videos killed the internet radio star. This is a site that seems to have it all. A radio option for randomization based on songs you like. The ability to queue up any song after a search. And even music videos for many of the songs. The videos can be anything from to official video found on the artists website to a phone camera recording of the artist live in concert. The only draw back is the audio from that cam recording is the audio you hear. It’s cool to have music videos and also throw in live music sets from time to time.

3. – groovy baby

This is very similar to found above, but without the music videos. While some find this a drawback, I find it more reliable. Without the videos, we know that we are getting a recorded version of the song, and the audio will be clear and crisp, unless the audio says “live.” Then even when it’s live, it’s a professional recording, not some dudes phone that thought Metallica had a sweet set and got 30 seconds of recording in during the fire explosions on stage. Also take into consideration that there is a giant lawsuit against currently for copyright infringement. Talk to Evan, he’s got a friend handling the whole situation. Get at it while it’s still around.

Don't be so quick to challenge. — by Ryan

Whilst diddling away my hours on the blogosphere, I found a pretty interesting set of photos. There was a girl named Nico. She had a group of friends. She was going to be traveling around for 6 weeks. The last thing she said to her friends before she left was, “Don’t have too much fun without me.”

Her friends didn’t take this kindly, They saw it as a challenge. They proceeded to have too much fun without her. This is their story.

You can see their entire adventure here. It’s quite entertaining.