Music Collections

I know many of you bought a laptop when you came here. If you didn’t bring a hard drive with your vault of tunes, might I suggest a tedious yet worthwhile venture. It’s nice to have music in case WiFi isn’t available. You might also want a song to play for your students, with most classrooms lacking WiFi.

Find the song you want on YouTube. Copy and paste the URL into this nifty website.

Save it to your computer. In iTunes or your respective music organizing software, upload the file. Done! This particular website, favored by me because of its reliability, only allows you to convert a video that is less than 20 minutes in length.

I’m sure there are a plethora of others, some which might let you do the full album, though that means you can’t separate the tracks without skimming through. Some converters will even let you convert to mp4. All those “full” compilations and movies on YouTube seem even more appealing now.

Shrine to the City God

securedownload (6)

When talking to my Thai teacher one day, I referred to the large ornate monument near the bridge as the “white temple.” She informed me that it’s not a temple, but a “shrine to the city god” or “city pillar shrine.” In Thai, it’s “Lak Muang.” There are no monks at the shrine, where there would be at a temple. I found out that it is meant to show that Surat Thani is the center, or capital, of the Surat Province. It also serves as a place for newcomers to Surat to pay their respects to the city god and to pray for success in the region. The offerings are what you might be familiar with already: incense, candles (oil candles to prolong your prayer), flowers, colorful fabric (to wrap around the ornament inside), and gold leaf. Thai dancers will often perform at the shrine to appease the city god, showing how beautiful they remain. All of these items are available for sale at the shrine. If you haven’t been yet, go and let your presence here be known!

Thida Lunch (lately)

Normally lunch at Thida is pretty good, with different curries and chicken and rice. Lately, gangsom has been on the menu far too often. What’s gangsom you ask? Well it translates to orange curry, but that makes it sound less offensive than it really is.

Gangsom is a curry made out of som kaek, a sour fruit, bamboo, shrimp paste, and usually dried shrimp or chunks of fresh water fish. Maybe it doesn’t sound bad but trust me it is. Shrimp paste is made with preserved pulverized shrimp and its flavor permeates the entire dish giving it a flavor that I can only describe as “rotten” or “spoiled.” So far, as of this week, gangsom has been served 3 out of 4 days. To top today’s serving of gangsom off, it was served with an equally bad dish: salt fish. Salt fish is basically a whole salt water fish, which wasn’t been cleaned or de-scaled. It has, however, been left out to dry in the sun and preserve. Then it’s prepared by basically doing nothing to it but frying it.

Needless to say, most of the native English teachers have been skipping out on lunch lately… especially this week.

Debit Plus Accident Insurance

Sometimes it seems like my life in Thailand is an accident waiting to happen. Back home, I never thought of myself as clumsy or accident-prone, but somehow I am always hurting myself in Thailand. Maybe it’s all the uneven surfaces & sidewalks, maybe I have bad luck, or maybe I’m just a bit clumsy. Whatever the reason, I’ve found myself at Thaksin hospital more than a few times.

After my first few visits to the hospital for a broken foot, I was out 5,000 baht. Visiting the hospital is a lot cheaper here than it is back in the States, but when you are making baht and spending baht, the cost can start to add up. “You should get the accident insurance that the bank provides,” one of my friends told me afterwards. Turns out, I wouldn’t have had to pay a single baht for getting my broken foot doctored up!

A few days later, I left the bank with a shiny new Debit Plus silver card that provides me with 5,000 baht of hospital bills covered per accident. Any type of accident is covered as well: motorbike accidents, broken bones, a cut on a your finger, or even a scrape from falling down. Since getting it, it’s saved me at least 8,000 baht.

I would highly recommend getting this insurance, especially if you plan to drive a motorbike around. Plus, it only costs around 300 baht ($10) for a whole year worth of insurance, so why not?

How to sign up for accident insurance:

1. After a few months in Surat, the Super English staff will finish processing your one year visa and work permit. Now that you have these items you can open a bank account at Siam Commerical Bank.

2. Go with a Super English staff member to SCB bank. Tell them that you want the Debit Plus silver or gold card. At the time of writing this, the silver card costs around 300 baht per year and covers 5,000 baht in hospital bills per accident. The gold card costs around 1,000 baht per year and covers 25,000 baht in hospital bills per accident.

3. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens, you won’t be out any cash and can afford to get it treated properly.

If you need to find me, I’ll be off at my new job as an insurance salesman.




MEP Phuket English Camp

This weekend, all the MEP (mini English program) teachers are headed to Phuket with the 3rd-6th grade MEP students. Saturday afternoon we’ll be putting on an English camp at our hotel for the students, which should be a lot of fun. The rest of the time is going to jam-packed with visiting temples, Phuket Old Town, “Centran Festiwan” (the Thai pronunciation of Central Festival mall), an aquarium and watching a bird show. Oh yeah, and taking pictures in front of the Dairy Hut Farm. How could we miss out on that?!

The weekend will definitely be a lot of fun and even though my P1 students won’t be there, I’m really looking forward to getting to know some of the older students better. I’m sure we’ll come back with some great stories.

The only thing left to do in preparation is to pick out my outfit for the weekend, but wait, it looks like that’s already been decided for me. Who doesn’t love wearing aprons, Mexican ponchos, sweaters, and scarves to the beach?

thida phuket camp photo


Camp Games

I have a camp coming up soon so I’ve been perusing the internet for some fun games to play at my station or during one of the assemblies. Here are a few that might help you if you have a camp coming up, or might deserve a go in the classroom.


First off, I realize some of us work at a Catholic school. Maybe calling the game “Evolution” is a bad idea. It could be called “The Change Game,” “Intelligent Design” or “Denial?” Your call.

Have everyone start out as an “egg.” Have them place their hands over their head and together to make a circular shape, like an egg. Once you say “Go!” each egg will pair with another egg and play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner becomes a chicken, then placing their hands on their ribs to create wings. Encourage them to cluck and peck. The loser remains an egg.

Say “Go!” again. Now, chickens battle other chickens and eggs battle other eggs. The winner of a chicken vs. chicken match becomes a dinosaur, making T-Rex arms and roaring/screeching. The loser goes back to being an egg.

On “Go,” dinosaurs will battle other dinosaurs, chickens other chickens, and eggs other eggs. A winner in a dinosaur vs. dinosaur match becomes the Ultimate Human, placing their arms, fists made, out and straight like Superman. The losing dinosaur goes back to being a chicken, etc.

On one more “Go,” Ultimate Humans battle other Ultimate Humans, dinosaurs other dinosaurs, etc. The winners remain Ultimate Humans and the losers go back to being dinosaurs. The remaining Ultimate Humans are the winners. I suppose dinosaurs can be second place winners.

T-Shirt Relay

You’ll need one extra large t-shirt for each team and one judge for each team. The judge should make sure the shirt is pulled all the way down on each camper and no short-cuts are taken in the heat of competition.

Have the teams line up in single file. The shirt is given to the first student in each line. On “Go”, the student puts the shirt on and then holds hands with the next student in line, facing that student. All the other students work the shirt from one camper to the next so he or she is then wearing it. He or she then turns and holds hands with the next student, and so on.

Teams need to have the same number of players or some need to put the shirt on twice.

I doubt they’d ever forget the word “shirt.”

Frisbee Dodgeball

It’s the same as Dodgeball, but with durians.


I’m thinking about making a Twister game, buying one, or simply taping colored paper on the floor. Ambitious teachers will make a spinner, others might write “left foot,” “right foot,” “left hand,” “right hand,” “green,” “blue,” “yellow,” and “red” on pieces of paper and put them in two different bags to be pulled from.

Sad School Snacks..

It’s really a wonder that Thailand doesn’t have an obesity problem, or at the very least an issue with diabetes.

When people think of Asian cuisine, when compared to the west, a lot of people assume that the diet is much healthier. In some ways it is because the portion sizes are much smaller and there’s no dairy. I could go on about the lack of properly cooked vegetables in a majority of Thai dishes but that’s not the issue here.

The issue is the deplorable snacks offered to students in school. Just a quick browse of the snack options in the cafeteria today and this is what I’ve found: about 5 different kinds of cake with a rainbow assortment of icings, hotdogs with mayonnaise, fried chicken, donuts, some sort of processed meatballs, hot dogs, fried pork fat, fried chicken sandwiches with mayonnaise, muffins, pork donuts (donuts with pork inside of them), sticky rice with pork, instant noodles, about 10 different kinds of ice cream, chocolate milk, and iced tea. There’re actually mangos available today, but fruit is a rare option. There’s also milk and yogurt available but what 10 year old is buying that when they can buy chocolate milk?

The fact is, you can’t give children in a school all of these unhealthy options and expect them to make the healthy decision. That’s not how kids work. I’m all for not policing what people do as adults but as a school, only to provide unhealthy options to children, is really unacceptable.

What did I see 8 year old kids eating this morning at 7:40AM? Ice cream and cake! There isn’t even the option to buy juice! I’m still bewildered by this concept everyday. As a teacher, if I want to buy a healthy snack, 9 times out of 10, I can’t.

Long Weekends

In this, the first and longest semester, long weekends are very important. They’re important because they allow you to rest and travel a bit outside of Surat as well as for your mental well-being.

This upcoming weekend is a 4 day weekend thanks to her Royal Highness, the Queen’s birthday, which also happens to be mothers’ day. We’ve had a reasonable amount of long weekends this semester but this 4 day weekend is coming at a perfect time and I couldn’t be happier to have a few days out of town.

Everyone has different plans. Some teachers are going diving, some are going to Bangkok, some are even staying home (crazy), but I’m off to Koh Phangan. A few of us are going to explore a new side of the island we have yet to visit and avoid the full moon backpackers.

I’m crossing my fingers for a few days of sunny weather.