About Us


We are a group of teachers from around the world who work at Super English, a language school in Surat Thani, a city in the largest province in southern Thailand.

About this website

This website is a way for current teachers to share our experiences with prospective Super English teachers and anyone else interested in finding out what it’s like to teach English a foreign country.

This website is also a supplement to Super English’s main website, which contains information about how to apply to become a Super English teacher and lots of other detailed information.

Take a look around

We know how hard it is to make the decision to move halfway around the world, let alone choosing where to work and live.

We happen to think that Super English is a great place to work, that we have great coworkers, and that Thailand is one of the best places to live and travel.

However you got to our blog, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for: whether it’s deciding if Super English is right for you, or if teaching English is something you want to do, or whether Thailand is somewhere you can see yourself living.

And if you need information about Surat Thani town – a place overlooked by most guidebooks – check out our interactive map of Surat Thani and posts about living and traveling around here.

We’d love your comments and questions, so let us know your thoughts!

Good luck (โชกดี),

– the Super English Team

Disclaimer/Full Transparency:
Our boss pays us to write articles for this site, but we like to think that’s one of the perks of working at Super English.  Find more details about making more money while working for Super English here.