Name: Mark Davison
Age: 31
Hometown: Pascagoula, MS (Most people say Pascafuckin’goula, and then spit)
Other places you’ve lived: Savannah GA, Brooklyn NY, New Orleans LA, Taichung Taiwan, Tetouan Morocco
Former lives/occupations: I was Joan of Arc in another life. In this life I have been a city planner and a line cook.
Education: Savannah College of Art and Design ’05 BFA Architectural History; Pratt Institute ’07 MS City Planning
Currently teaches at: Suratpittaya High SchoolM1 and M6
Favorite Thai food: Hmmm. Donuts? no… I like Jok for breakfast, green curry for lunch, and various night market goodies for dinner.
Coolest thing you’ve ever seen/done: JazzFest NOLA, of course
Partial bucket list (Thailand or world): Timbuktu and D’jenne Mali, Paragliding anywhere, scuba diving in Kao Tao, at least 40 days in India, Bali, Bull FightsSongkran in Chiang Mai, roadtrip to Alaska with Jamieto own a refurbished shrimp boat with a griesel engine and travel around the Caribbean doing odd jobs and being a bon vivant, to own many pet miniature fainting goats (if they exist), and to travel by train from Beijing to London.

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