Ionic Footbaths

I know, I know…probably an unusual topic for a blog, especially on this page.  Since I’ve been back in Florida, I had the chance to have one of these done at a local health shop.

I didn’t really know what one of these was, but my mother has been going for several years for them because of her health.  Essentially, they help pull out toxins from the body.  The setup is pretty simple…the lady boiled some water (via standard coffee maker, ha) and combined it with some room temperature water.  The customer needs to be able to withstand the water temperature for about 30 minutes, so it should be comfortable.  There was a black piece that attached to a monitor–whatever the part does gives off a color based upon the toxins in a person’s body (probably easiest to see the time-lapse picture below).  Depending on what’s inside the user’s body will dictate what color the water color turns.

The foot bath is totally painless, just a bit weird to see the water change colors…goes to show how many bad things are around us and how they can affect our bodies and our health.  For example, it’s apparently bad for us to drink from many of the plastic water bottles we think are fine.  Heat can activate toxins inside the bottle and once we drink the water, they enter our system.

I figured I’d write about this as many of the spas in Surat or the islands probably have these treatments.  It was amazing to see and I plan on going again!


detoxcolorchart IMG_1257 imgres

Finding a House/Apartment in Surat

It’s no secret finding a house or apartment in Surat can be a challenge.  I was lucky when I first moved to Surat I had a friend and former SE teacher tell me about his spot.  I figured if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for me.  That apartment, APP Place, was great for my first two years.  Off of Soi 3 on Karunrat, it was easy to get just about anywhere–the market, school, gym, etc.  It was clean, modern, and furnished (a big plus!).  The part I didn’t enjoy was not having a couch or sitting area.  Everything I did was on my bed–eating, working, sleeping.

I looked around on but didn’t have much luck.  While there were some properties that appealed to me, they were either too far outside Surat city or way over my budget.  Luckily, my girlfriend happened to find a home very close to Thida and all the places I frequent on a weekly basis.  It’s off a Soi on the cut-through from Chakloratt to the Stadium.  Fairly modern and spacious and not too expensive–6,000 for the home (utilities extra).  I was paying in the neighborhood of 5,500-5,800 at APP Place previously, so the extra money didn’t seem like much of an issue to have my own home and the privacy that comes along with it.

The only part of the new digs I haven’t enjoyed was shelling out a bit of cash for a few necessary items–a bed/frame, fridge, and sofa.  Luckily my old deposit helped cover most of the expenses, but makes me appreciate the luxury of having those things already in place.

Of course, there have been several condo buildings pop up in town over the past year.  The Garden Condos, Plus Condos (both along Talad Mai), and D-Condo (across from Central) are all very nice, but typically in the 8,000-10,000 Baht price range.  I originally gave these properties a thought, but that’s a lot of money to shell out each month.  However, for somebody looking for a fully furnished spot with kitchen, bedroom, and living area, they might make some sense!


Songkran Festival

Apologies for not writing about the Thai New Year, Songkran, sooner.  I immediately left the next morning after last Wednesday’s celebration to start the long journey.  After flying from Surat to Bangkok to Hong Kong (for a night’s stay at least) to New York to Washington, it took a few days to get my body back on Eastern time.

I was glad I stayed for Songkran!  I missed the festival last year and heard so much about it this year during school.  I had a vision of what to expect, but the reality exceeded my vision.  My first exposure was stopping at the New House to pick up Alex so we could caravan over to a friend’s house.  Driving down Karunrat, an older Thai man motioned to me to pull over/stop.  It was fairly obvious he wanted to drench me with water….but something about that first soaking that’s tough to accept.  Kind of like hopping into a cold pool.  Once it’s done, great, but should be almost treated like ripping off a band aid.

The day was great fun!  I wished I’d bought a water gun ahead of time.  I thought I’d get by with just a little bucket.  Definitely annoying when somebody shoots you via a blind spot.  Naturally, I made the obligatory run to 7-11 to buy an overpriced water gun that promptly broke on me within 10 minutes.  Everybody seemed to have great fun and it was pretty cool to see the large trucks/tuk tuks, etc. driving down, prepared to do battle.  At least the patrons who wished not to be soaked motioned a ‘no’ signal and were on their way.

Of course, I’ve seen some pictures from some of the larger celebrations, such as Chiang Mai and Bangkok.  While they no doubt would’ve been a lot of fun, I liked having a homebase with food and drink readily available.  It was hot!!

Not really sure if I’d offer any ‘advice’ for Songkran…just be ready to get wet and don’t take it personally!  Of course, you’ll save a bit of money planning ahead and buying a gun ahead of time (bring a friend), but live and learn!