Name: Rebecca Julia Kavoussi

Age: 24

Hometown: Lutherville, MD

Other Places You’ve Lived: St. Louis, MO; Boston MA; Cape Cod; MA; Long Island, NY

Former lives/occupations:
-Kayak/lighthouse tour guide on a marine wildlife refuge
-Coordinator for oncology fellows at a cancer center
-Telemarketer at a media research company
-Waitress at an oyster bar

Education: University of Maryland, Class of 2010, BA in sociology

Currently teaches at: New Thida (Prathom 2) & Super English (SL5A and SL8A)

Favorite Thai food: Massaman!  No wait that is Indian!  I really like the buttery coconut stew stuff.  Jok with shrimp too!

One thing you wish you could find in Thailand: light beer/diet soda

Automatic or Manual (motorbike):  Gettin’ me an auto

Coolest thing you’ve done/coolest place you’ve been:  Teaching in Thailand?


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