Name: Shelby Leal Stroud

Age: 24

Hometown: Aledo, Tx

Other Places You’ve Lived: All over Texas, Tanzania

Former lives/occupations: Student

Education: Texas A&M University 2009, B.A. in Communications & Sociology, Texas State 2011, M. Ed. in Early Childhood Education

Currently teaches at: Noonoy (Anuban through P6) & Super English

Favorite Thai food: Shrimp Panang

One thing you wish you could find in Thailand: Nothing yet– I am still a bit new to be out of anything I can’t live without.

Automatic or Manual (motorbike): Manual

Coolest thing you’ve done/coolest place you’ve been: The coolest thing I have ever done is canyoning in the Swiss Alps; the coolest place I have ever been is hands down the island of Zanzibar off of the coast of Tanzania– it has not been commercialized, there are no white people, and it is a small slice of Heaven.

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