P2 Know How To Party

Yesterday saw the end of the MEP midterm exams, and with Christmas just around the corner it was time to let loose and party, P2 style!  And what a party it was! We made beautifully decorated Christmas cards for our friends whilst listening to our favourite Christmas songs. Next we played games such as ‘pin the hat on Santa’ and ‘pin the nose on Rudolf.’ Freeze dance is always a favourite with our class, so we finished up with that. Now everyone had burnt off some energy, we were getting hungry. Great timing, because our KFC delivery had arrived. Three huge bags of it! On top of the sacks of snacks that were already laid out on our banquet table. The students sat patiently, eyeing the food hungrily as we presented our secret Santa gifts. They were so excited, shaking and squeezing their gifts, trying to guess what might lie inside. With all the gifts now distributed, the students were given the go ahead to start helping themselves to food. They surged towards the table, paper plates in hand. Piles of crisps and biscuits were piled up in great mounds, alongside steaming fried chicken and succulent shrimp. What a feast! The food mountains were demolished, then they were back in for round two, then rounds three and four in some cases! Only when everyone had finished eating were they allowed to open their gifts. They were all super excited as they tore into the paper. Everyone seemed pleased with their new possessions, showing them off proudly to all their friends. What a fantastic party. We can’t wait until Christmas!

P5 Science Projects: States of Matter

During the past month, we’ve been studying the different forms of mass–solids, liquids, gases.  It’s been an enjoyable unit to teach, as it’s easier to make the material come to life.  We’ve learned about plenty of examples of each of the three states of matter and done some fun activities.

To learn about a liquid changing into a gas, I showed the kids a YouTube video and brought in the water kettle.  It was pretty easy to see the change in matter.  Luckily, they all know about water freezing into ice, so that was a gimme.  Same thing goes for solids changing into a liquid.  I think they’ve all had their ice cream melt in their hands in this weather!

To learn about condensation, I took the class to the snack area right before break time.  It was hard explaining why water bottles and other liquids have the little drops on them sometimes and other times not.  They didn’t quite understand that when heat is added to a cold bottle, condensation forms.  Luckily, Thida has plenty of water bottles for sale during break, fresh out of the cooler.  Boom–condensation explained!

As we had a few extra days before midterms and I was looking for another grade for the kids, we made ‘All About Matter’ posters.  In their groups of 4-6, each one took a task of bringing in pictures, picking out sentences, arranging the poster, drawing, etc.  They turned out pretty well and it was awesome to see their creative side!  Of course, the challenge was to keep the groups on task and make sure the focus was on matter and not other things.

On their posters, students wrote 3-4 sentences about solids, liquids, and gases each.  Additionally, they wrote another 4 sentences about anything other idea from the unit–density, buoyancy, freezing point, melting point, etc.

We’re going to present their projects on Tuesday after we review for their Wednesday science final.  It’s been a nice way to engage the students in the material and reduce my teacher talking time!

Here are a few snaps from our projects through Friday, 12/16:

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Fun with Measurement

measure1I have to admit, there are times I struggle with trying to keep math interesting. Even though I am a math teacher, I can completely understand how it can sometimes be a boring subject for my students. It actually was my least favorite subject as a kid. When it was time to learn about measurement, I decided to come up with a creative way to help my kids better understand length. I made them a worksheet that required everyone to measure their favorite pencil and their desk, as well as 10 objects of their choosing in the classroom.

I knew my P3 students would get crazy with
this measure2assignment before I even handed them the sheet, but it was worth it. We had Newton and VR measuring my Coke bottle, Mew, Pong, and Prae trying to measure my height, many students measuring the massive whiteboard on their tippy-toes, and of course Pong measuring poor Newton’s eyeball. It was a lot of fun to say the least. My students loved searching for creative objects to measure and then recording their data on their sheets in centimeters and millimeters. When everyone was finished and settled back into their seats, my kiddos took turns sharing the lengths of their silly objects. I’m glad they were able to have fun with measurement and am confident they will now rock their math midterm!


P3 Cares

One of my favorite parts about teaching P3 Science this year has been the sections about protecting the environment and all of the plants and animals within it. My students were very interested to learn about different endangered animals in the world, such as elephants, rhinos, and Asian tigers. While some already knew about how humans are harming these creatures, most of the class was unaware. It is a bit of a heavy topic so I had to be careful when teaching them to make sure they didn’t get too sad. They were troopers when learning that humans take tusks from elephants and skin from tigers for their own benefit. While some parts were sad, my students really enjoyed learning about ways they could help endangered animals. It was great to hear them say they want to do everything they can to protect animals and make the world a better place.care


care2After learning about endangered animals, we also learned about air, water, and land pollution. We came up with many ways to try and save water as a class. My students now like to keep me updated on their shorter showers and how they turn the water off when they brush their teeth. Go P3!

Vegetarian Meal of the Month


December’s Vegetarian Meal of the Month is this amazing Green Curry with tofu and veggies from Sweet Kitchen. For just 70 baht, you get a large portion of deliciousness that even comes with white rice. It is one of my personal favorites for rainy days. This dish has a lot of tofu so it really fills me up. I normally ask them to hold back on the spice just in case. As you can see from the picture, I sometimes get it to go, but Sweet Kitchen is a lovely place to sit down and relax with friends. In case you don’t know where to find it, it’s on the right side of the pier near Milano’s. If this curry isn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, there is also great Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and free iced water – it’s the little things in life! I also recommend the red veggie curry at Sweet Kitchen, so check that out as well! Enjoy!