Name: Laura Jane Rengstorf


Seattle, WA

Other places you’ve lived:
Bellingham, WA and Keystone, CO

Former lives/occupations:
I have worked many jobs, mostly retail including Starbucks. Yes, every good Seattleite has done it.  I have been a waitress in a ski town, skiing during the day and waiting at night.  I spent a few years being a nanny to my adorable cousins and most recently I worked for two and a half years at a law office and was in charge of everything non-legal.  I was basically the property manager, onsite IT person, marketing and social media department, and was in charge of hiring.  Oh and I had a few other responsibilities also.  After too many years working with lawyers I was very ready for a change, good thing I found teaching because I love it.

 I started at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.  After three years I left and took a school year off.  I ended up graduating from the University of Washington (go Huskies) with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Global Studies.

Currently teaches at:  
New Thida; four sections of P1 IEP and P2 regulars

Favorite Thai food:
Som Tom and the delicious barbecued chicken they serve at Essan places.

Coolest thing you’ve ever seen/done:
Oh I was kissed by Pope John Paul II when I was 10 on a trip to Italy, that was pretty cool.  I also really enjoyed getting married, really it was the best day of my life to date.
Partial bucket list (Thailand or world):
I am still working on it, now that I have internet I am going to spend time researching the places I want to go.
The big waterfall near the border with Myanmar.
Do more diving, get my advanced certification.
Seeing a pink dolphin would be amazing.
Halong Bay in Vietnam
Hong Kong to visit Joe’s cousin
And many more…

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