Great End of Semester Event!

As we put the bows on yet another semester at Thida, our teammates from Thida, Noonoy, and the International School had a wonderful dinner provided by Peter!  A big shout out to him (and I’ll assume Jeab as well, 5555) for creating a very different but delicious menu.  We scarfed down on ribs, salad, coleslaw, and bread.  While Mother Nature did her part by bringing the rain, our group wouldn’t be stopped to eat, drink, and discuss upcoming holiday plans (for Thida and STIS).

Although we all maintain very different social and professional schedules, our events are always a fun way to reconnect with others who may only see a little of during the school year.  It’s pretty cool to see the camaraderie and genuine friendships among the group.  I can tell a lot of our new teachers have grown by leaps and bounds over the course of the year and it’s great for them to have an opportunity to celebrate their successes and pass along information to others.  That’s what it’s really all about, frankly.  I’ve been proud of our team this year and how smoothly things have gone on the Thida side.  That’s a testament to their hard work and understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish and why we do things the way we do.

To top off a great meal, many of us ventured out into the rain-filled night to a local spot to enjoy some drinks.  A lot of full bellies, a lot of laughs, and surely quite the hangovers for some!  It was an awesome evening–again, a very thoughtful and nice gesture to put on such a spread!  I think we were at 100% attendance, which was great to see!

Currently, Thida just broke for the October holiday.  We’re back to school on the 29th, so a lot of time to explore and wander.  I’m slated to go to Cambodia and check out a few places there.  It’s pretty cheap to fly around, so I only booked my ticket there, but not back yet!  It should be a good time!

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