Water Cycle Science Projects!

Over the course of my time with my students, I’ve found science class can get a bit bland.  The text is a bit advanced, which means a lot of big words that are hard to pronounce.  Luckily, this year’s material has lent itself to some outside the box ideas the students have really enjoyed.

I started making posters with my kids last year and they took it and ran!  I think we were both happy to not hear me talk!  The overall idea has been the same.  I randomly (making sure the groups are evenly spit with ability) select groups and they decide who is going to do what.  Each student must speak, each student must contribute, and each student must show myself they’re making an attempt to learn more independently.

For our Water Cycle projects, I had three groups–two groups of six and one group of seven.  In hindsight, I probably should’ve made the groups smaller to avoid the horseplay, but part of the idea is to have them enjoy with their friends while working at the same time.

I was really impressed with what the kids produced!  Students brought in pictures of cloud types, stages of the water cycle, ‘air’ pictures, wave pictures, etc.  They did an excellent job of labeling things and producing a clean, enjoyable poster.  Of course, there were the finishing touches with some glitter and flowers!

Our final stage was to present in front of the class.  Of course, the kids were a bit nervous, but they spoke very well.  Part of their responsibility when presenting was to make sure they had proper body language–pointing to what they were talking about and facing the class.  They’re a bit old to put their nose to the poster with their bottoms facing the class.

One of the best parts of these projects is it gives me a better understanding of the kids’ personalities.  I see who’s a bit more reserved, who needs pushing, who needs monitoring, etc.  They’re at the age where they’re developing and changing rapidly, so it’s not longer the same class I had in P3 or p4.  Of course, I’m sure they’ll be quite different in P6!

Here are a few pictures from our posters:


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