All about arts and crafts

This year we’ve had a fantastic time making masks and crazy creatures in club. The students got to really let loose designing wonderful body coverings for their animals. I always try to build new skills into the activities, so we have experimented with cutting holes and braiding paper strips, as well as rolling and folding paper in various ways. It’s been a lot of fun exploring all the possibilities of something as plain as paper.

Small additions like googly eyes and straw handles really made their creations come to life. Frogs with lolling tongues and butterflies with beautiful, elaborately decorated wings flapped their way around the playground. Some students even got to complete their projects and then begin adapting them. They made Pokemon puppets and cute cartoon decorations which were mounted on strings.

It’s always so interesting to see how each student responds to different tasks. Some like to work carefully and methodically, using a traditional colour pallet. Others like to make wild patterns and abstract forms. Some of their drawings give you a real insight into how they view the world. It can be really fascinating. There are definitely a few budding artists, designers and illustrators in the group. I hope they continue to be able to express themselves in this way!

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