A Great End of Year Celebration!

Sadly, another year has come and gone at Thida!  This has been the second (or third) year for many of our teachers, so a well earned celebration was in order!  We gathered at the Issan restaurant at the corner of Wat Pho and Karunrat for a great meal and a wonderful time!

Much as life tends to do, this year went by way too fast.  While we’ll miss our outgoing teachers, it was proper to gather everybody and have a feast to appreciate one another’s accomplishments!  Also, we welcomed the STIS crew and staff to make it one big, awesome affair!

The food kept coming and coming–plates of chicken, short ribs, som tam, soups, fish dishes, pork dishes, etc.  It was a massive feast!  I don’t think I’ve seen that much food ever on a table!  There was plenty to drink as well–bottles of vodka, Sangsom, and scotch helped everybody wash down the spread with.  Of course, there was some extra left over to take out with us for a fun evening out!

I’ve been at Thida three years now and I’m very proud with our staff!  They’ve worked very hard and developed their skills while also being team players and contributing to a great office environment!  It reminds me of my first year at Thida back in 2014!  With that said, we wish everybody safe journeys moving on to their new adventures–some people are going home, some people are traveling, and some people are staying at Thida (myself, Tom, William).  Friday’s dinner was a great way to say thank you and we appreciate Peter opening his wallet and providing us with one last opportunity to hang out together outside the office!  I’ll personally miss everybody’s efforts as manager, as I think we have a great staff, which will be hard to replace.  They’ve set the bar pretty hard so we’ll have our work cut out for us next year!

Here are a few snaps from the event:

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