Getting Creative with P5

As a P5 teacher, I’ve had to think outside of the box this year to try and make topics such as “matter” and “triangle properties” as interesting as possible for my students. When it came time to teach about statistics,p4 I decided that looking at examples of pictographs and frequency tables in the book would not be as fun as making our own. Each student chose a topic and made a survey to give to all of their classmates. The topics ranged anywhere from “Favorite Country” and “Favorite Color” to “Blood Type” and “Favorite Smiley Face.” After gathering the data from their surveys, the students created their pictographs. I was impressed with their creativity and was happy to see that not only were they having fun, but they were also starting to grasp the material better. It’s always nice to see my students put in an effort and then make themselves (and their teacher) very proud.


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