P1, P2, and P3 English Camps!

This past Saturday at Thida we held our final English camps of the year.  The P1 and P2 camps were held at New Thida, while the P3 camp was at Old Thida.  Teachers Calum, Torie, Alli G. and myself were leaders for the P2 camp and Teachers Alex, Ali, Ashton, and Jenna held down the fort for the P1 stations.

There wasn’t a particular theme for the camps this time around–we just focused on entertaining the students while having fun!  The P2 stations were held under the morning assembly area and the P1 stations in the circular bowl area of the New Thida building.  Stations ranged from English Olympics to Getting Jiggy With It to Teacher Alli Says!

The morning started off with a prayer by Sister followed by a mini photo session (of course).  It was so cute to see the kids in their normal street clothes as opposed to their Thida daily uniforms.  It served as a reminder how young they really are!  Lots of Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and bunny rabbit ears.

After the first assembly we broke into our stations and had the first three rotations.  Each station was 25 minutes long.  It got pretty toasty outside being active and running around!  My station, the ‘English Olympics,’ didn’t quite go as I had imagined.  I took eight flashcards from our current P2 unit (After School) and used them for a relay race.  However, I found I first needed to spend some time reviewing the pronunciation of the classes to make the children feel more comfortable.

The main portion of my station was a two team relay race.  I placed four of the flashcards ten feet or so in front of team one and the other four the same distance away from team two.  Each of the teams hopped on one leg down to the flashcards, raced to say the four respective cards (dance class, piano class, etc) and hop back on the opposite foot to tag the next child in line.  They really got into it and had a great time!  I also planned to do a crab walking activity but found after the first station there just wasn’t enough time.  That was ok, though, as the students really took to the first activity and that’s all that mattered to me!

After the three stations we had a little break and afterwards went right back into our last three rotations.  To conclude the day’s camp we had fun dancing a few songs like the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide.  The kiddos have a ton of energy and using that to our advantage was a good move!  The last game was ‘Mummy Wrap’ game where five P2 students and four P1 students were each wrapped in toilet paper by two of their classmates.  They loved it!  A big shout out to Teachers Ali and Jenna for coming up with activity.  It was the first time we’d done that and was a nice change of pace from the same games that are recycled from different camps….I’ll definitely be using that one again!

All in all it was a fun day!  We had clear skies for the day before the rain moved in today (Monday).  Unfortunately, this will be the last IEP camp I’ll be able to work with the P2 students as most of them will head over to Old Thida for P3 I imagine.  It was a great last camp, though!


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