New Bike

I was leery I might have to go down this avenue at some point, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be right around holiday time. When I arrived in Surat, I purchased a pre-owned (must’ve been an outgoing teacher) bike. It was ok last year, as I only had to pay about 800 baht to maintain/repair various things with it. This year, though, has been a nightmare. I was driving several weeks back, crossing a major road, when I felt the bike cut off. Luckily, I was able to re-start it and get across safely, as there were no oncoming cars.

Of course, when I left the restaurant, the bike wouldn’t start, wouldn’t turn over, wouldn’t do anything essentially. I couldn’t even kick start the darn thing. I went back the same weekend to see if I would have better luck, but same result.

In hindsight, I should’ve called X (of X Rentals and Service fame) from the very get go. I sent him a message at school the next day, and he happened to be by Thida. He picked me up in a matter of minutes after school and pushed it with his mechanic friend to the mechanic’s shop across the street. The rough news was the diagnosis: The engine was shot…costing 4,700 baht.

I was hoping to get through this year with my same piece of junk bike, but it just wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. To add insult, after arriving back from traveling, I was greeted to a dead battery. That was the last straw–X helped me get the bike back to his spot, I took a look at a few he had in his inventory, test drove them, and made my selection. While it was a bit more than I wanted to pay, whatever I can get from essentially my old one being sold for parts should work out.

X has been so awesome through my time here–always willing to help out, goes the extra mile, and does it with a smile. Before I took the bike, he checked the oil and everything, plus is replacing the brake handle free of charge and swapping the green book info into my name gratis as well. He’s a great dude and I’m thankful he’s in town!

The black bike below is my old one (RIP) and the one on the right is my new ride…I hope safer and less hassle than the first one!



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