Getting a Haircut in Surat

One of the more interesting experiences over the past year and a half has definitely been getting my haircut.  When I first arrived to town, I went out to Central, as I figured it was my best shot.  After discovering the prices at the shops there pushed 500-600 baht, I figured I’d take my chances elsewhere.

Up until recently, my gameplan for a haircut was driving up and down Karunrat on my bike and popping into any barber shop/salon I could find.  Usually, I’d have to go through several shops until I could find one that’d cut my hair.  I’d get the usual responses of 1) the non-verbal giant X with hands 2) ‘no English speak’ 3) completely ignoring me until I left.

About 4 months ago I luckily found myself a good spot where I’ve been a repeat customer.  Just past the corner of Karunrat and Cheon Kasem (spelling?) is a little shop next to a 7-11 (I know, I know…7-11’s are everywhere!).  I’d give some sort of identification for the shop, but I haven’t seen much in English outside of ‘Barber.’  There’s a little stall out front where a woman, who I think is the man’s wife, sells some sort of delicious dessert-type of cake.

I’ve been really happy with the service at this barber.  We used to have the awkward conversation about how I wanted my hair styled. Thankfully, mine isn’t too complicated. He has the array of various men’s haircuts on the wall…everything from outdated looks from 10 years ago to the Justin Beieber look. I’m really happy all I have to say is, “#2 on the sides and blend the rest in, please.” The first time or two I went, I had a bit more chopped off than I wanted, but that’s ok. The way I figured, if I got a bat cut, I’d simply shave my head and go from there (benefit of men’s hair). After going several times, the barber knows what I like and there’s no hassle.

Of course, back in the States, haircuts are about $17 at the generic Supercuts chains. For 80 baht, I not only got my hair cut, but also got the razor blade treatment on my neckline, ears, and between my eyebrows. Additionally, he’ll give me a razor blade shave for no extra cost and get a hot towel afterwards. Probably the most surprising part was the mini massage he gave my shoulders and head! Not used to all of that for such a bargin price!

It’s nice to finally have a place I can rely on and feel like I get great service. I typically give the barber an extra 20 baht for all the extras he provides, and he’s quite happy with that! In fact, I’ll be going this week again!

I’d share some pictures of the location and inside, but I felt it might make them a bit uncomfortable, so I held off!





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