Another Great SE Dinner Thrown by Peter!

It’s kind of scary how fast the weeks have gone by this year!  The weeks are really flying by in Surat.  Last night, Peter threw the Super English team another great dinner.  We went to Tam Karat, a great (and seems like undiscovered by foreigners) restaurant in our backyard.  It’s off the intersection of Karunrat and Wat Pho and the food is delicious!

The food kept on coming and the laughs kept on going!  Plates of salad, chicken, a som tom dish and other great plates definitely gave me a food coma later in the evening!!  We had a lot to celebrate this month–we welcomed back our International School teachers, who kicked off year #2 at STIS!  Also, we welcomed Alli (#2 555) to our team at Thida.  Not sure how she did it after arriving Friday morning from the East Coast of the States, but definitely brought the energy.  She’ll be a great addition to our MEP team as our P5 teacher.  Welcome, Alli!

Most importantly, it was a chance for everybody to get together to celebrate one another’s accomplishments in the classroom! Often times we’re so busy with our schoolwork and personal lives we don’t take a chance to take a moment and realize without all of our efforts, Thida, STIS, Noonoy, and Super English wouldn’t be what it is!  I’d like to personally say a big “Thank you!” to everybody for putting in the time, energy, and going above and beyond to make sure our operation keeps running smoothly!  Great job, everybody!!  Keep it up!

It’s hard to believe, but as I glance at the calendar reading August 16th, our finals are due in about a month!  That means end of the first term!!  It’s a bit scary to think about where the time’s gone.  Feels just like yesterday we were kicking off the year with a welcome back assembly at Thida!  Luckily, we’ll have one last opportunity to foster new friendships and celebrate one another’s success with a September event!

Below are a few pictures of last night’s great event.  Thanks again, Peter!

PS–take a look at Jenna’s face in the fourth photo…priceless!!

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender

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