Sports Day!

Once again the event this year was a big one on the Thida calendar. With numerous class disruptions the past couple of weeks, on Thursday we were finally graced with the one and only day that is sports day. You’re probably thinking that with all the disruptions and with two whole days off timetable dedicated to this day, there’s a lot of emphasis on sports and exercise. Great right? Actually, no! Instead the students put more emphasis on baton twirling, marching, cheering and dancing.

In the morning we met the students at the pier where we paraded with our class back to Thida. As pointless as all the preparations seem to us, the parents, students and teachers sure do put a whole load of effort into making everyone and everything stand out. The event is like nothing I’ve every seen before in England. Every child in the parade is dressed from head to toe in poofy, frilly, spangily, shiny and somewhat stunning tailored clothing. Every child, including the boys were wearing a full face of makeup including layers of pale white powder and bright red lipstick. It was like a parade of porcelain dolls.

The sooner you accept the craziness of the event, the easier it is to see the beauty in the old Thida tradition. The students absolutely adore the spot light and the parents love to show off their creative skills in glamming up their child. The students really do look beautiful and they become almost unrecognizable. Despite the heat on the day, the orchestra, the synchronization and the glamorous outfits and decorations all made for a memorable day. Certainly a day to remember. Just a few more weeks before we start practicing for the next one! Bring on Mother’s day!

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