Mondays in MEP are a little different to most days. Period 4 on a Monday is filled with a club period. Art club, music club, football club, storytelling club and speech club are just some of the ones we have to offer this semester. Choosing a club is like a big free for all in MEP. At the start of the semester the students run riot to try and earn 1 of 31 spaces in each club. Typically the younger students go with their favorite teacher in most cases meaning the majority ends up being your own class. In Art club this year, I was privileged to end up with most of the girls from my Prathom 1 class, though I also have some new faces who joined me from Prathom 2. Of course the boys all went straight for football club.

Art club this year has been a lot of fun. We begin most classes with an art related activity that later develops into a class karaoke or dance off. It’s extremely entertaining and it allows the students time to relax, have fun and mix with other students in a creative environment. We have so far looked at artists like Roy Litchenstein and Picasso where the students created works of their own, inspired by these artists and working in similar styles. On other days we got a little more hands on and made things like paper chains and animal masks. The students really love to show off their artistic ability in club. Art isn’t a compulsory subject at Thida so it’s great to allow them time to enjoy it.

The project we are working on at the moment is based on Mehndi designs that are used in countries for festive occasions like weddings and traditional ceremonies. We have been looking at the different forms in the patterns, particularly the paisley design and have begun to create decorative hands of our own. The hands so far look great and I look forward to seeing the end result.

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