Old Thida Renovations

Thida is separated into 3 campuses – Old Thida (or Thida 1 as many Thai teachers call it), New Thida (Thida 2), and MEP. The MEP students in all grades go to class in the MEP building, adjacent to New Thida. The building is brand new, just now in its second year, and is well-designed and pleasant-looking.

Students in Anuban 1 (3 year olds) through Prathom 2 attend class at New Thida, the giant building that looks like a bit like a spaceship ready to launch a colony to a distant solar system. It was built less than 10 years ago and still looks nice and new.

Then there’s Old Thida, about a 3 minute walk down the road. It is, as the name would suggest, quite old. It looks it too. You walk in and feel like you’re in a typical schoolyard built in the 1940s with a bit of Thai style mixed in. It’s not exactly an eyesore, but it’s definitely not the building they show off to parents, either. But over the last month, Thida has decided to spruce it up a bit, maybe to catch the attention of people driving by on the street. They built a fancy new glass facade and have remodeled the entryway. Supposedly, Old Thida’s getting a full makeover throughout the rest of the year. Just another example of Surat looking more and more modern.

Old Thida Front Entrance

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