MEP Restaurants

This semester I’ve been trying to do a lot of projects. I have a very difficult class of prepubescent girls and motivation and positivity is not their strongest attribute. I’ve found that doing a lot of projects and independent work has improved the students English as well as motivated them.

Here’s a rundown of my current English Project:

Teacher Dave (P6) and I are working together to coordinate this project. Students from both of our classes will work in groups of 4 to create their own restaurants. Each group was given a cuisine to learn about. Each group will think of a restaurant name and create a menu with 5 meals, 2 appetizers, 2 drinks, and 2 desserts; the students will also need to include descriptions and prices for everything on the menu.

Cuisines include countries such as Italy, Korea, Japan, and Greece; 15 cuisines in total were given but Thai food was excluded. Students work together in class and at home researching their cuisines on the internet.

Once the students have finished creating their menus, they’ll write, rehearse, and record short 30 second long commercials for their restaurant. Commercials should be funny, yet informative. Teacher Dave and I will record and edit the commercials. Once the commercials are finished, we’ll have an in-class showing so the students can see each restaurants’ video.

Next, we’ll have the P5 and P6 classrooms turned into mock restaurants. Students will operate their restaurants by taking orders, describing dishes, and delivering meals to the other students who will be playing customers. This is meant to be a fun activity that gives students the opportunity to use meaningful language in a pretend restaurant environment.

Finally, once the project is completed, we’ll have a food day in our classes. Groups will be awarded extra points for bringing real food into class. For example: The Italian restaurant group should bring a dish found in Italian cuisine, while the group with Japanese cuisine should try to bring a Japanese dish. This is of course not mandatory and only for fun. This will give the students an opportunity to try some of the different cuisines we have been discussing. It’s also a fun way to finish the project. Teacher Dave and I also plan to cook some American food and bring it in for the students to try!

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