MEP Olympics Camp

This past Saturday was the first ever camp for MEP (Mini English Program) students. Basically all the students came up to school on Saturday morning, played crazy games, sang songs, and participated in competitions for half the day. Camps are always a lot of fun. The students always get SUPER excited, and it’s fun to see the students in their street clothes (no uniforms). I, along with the other Super English MEP teachers were in charge of planning the camp, and we are happy to announce that the camp was awesome!

The theme of the camp was “The Olympics.” At the assemblies we taught the kids fun songs like “We Will Rock You” and of course we HAD to dance to “What Does the Fox Say?” We also played some awesome “Minute to Win It” games. My favorite was a game where 1 student from each team had to move cotton balls from the floor to a cup using only a straw placed in their mouth. Funny stuff. We even got to play in a fun match of student v. teacher soccer and I’m pretty sure the students crushed us.

For the stations, the students were split into teams and each team earned points at the various competitions and stations. At the end of the camp the points were totaled up, and the winner ended up being the P2 “Care Bears” team. Did I mention they came up with the best team names?

The camp was a lot of fun and the students all really enjoyed it. We were all really happy that it went so well, since we were in charge of planning everything and it was the first ever MEP camp. I’m sure the MEP camp next year will be even bigger and better!

IMG_8172 IMG_8162 IMG_8156IMG_8129


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