Teaching on Crutches

2 weeks ago I broke my foot. It’s a really crazy story, so let’s not get into it here. Ok, ok…it wasn’t really crazy. I fell on a big step. Womp, womp. Teaching on crutches the past few weeks has been challenging, mostly because Thida is basically a jungle gym and I also teach at 3 different campuses – Old Thida, New Thida, and Noonoy. Some days I have to go from New Thida to Old Thida to New Thida  to Old Thida. Once I mastered the art of getting around Old Thida and bumming rides off of people, things got much better. As much as being on crutches here is really not fun, it has made for some funny moments.

Some things can be difficult to teach on crutches. At Noonoy the other day, I was reviewing “What can you do?” with my Anuban 2 students (4 year olds). When we got to “I can jump”, I noticed half the class was bouncing around the room on one foot. Then when we got to “I can run” many of them were still balancing on one foot. In fact, whenever I have them stand up, there is always some kid standing on one foot. Maybe they copy me a little too well. 🙂

At Thida, the teachers reallyyy don’t like for me to carry my backpack on crutches. They are super nice and always insist that one of the students will do it. Having a tiny 3 year-old anuban student carry my backpack to the classroom next door is totally adorable. My big backpack and a tiny Anuban student = the same size. Did I mention it’s adorable?

I have lost count of the number of students who have come up to me and said, “Teacha, teacha! Vrooommm, vrooom, vroooom, BBOOOOOOOMMM!” and then looked at me expectantly. This definitely proves how common motorbike accidents are here. Even the first thing most adults do is point to my foot and say, “Motorbike?” Oh Thailand and your crazy driving…

I’ll be really happy when I get to walk again in a few weeks, but until then I’ll be enjoying the plentiful funny moments along the way.


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