Food in Surat – Vietnamese Food #1

In the past week I checked out two Vietnamese restaurants in Surat Thani. Today I’ll give you the scoop on the place on Amphur. Look out later this week for part two about the restaurant on Na Meuang.

Kristin and I drive down Amphur toward Talad Mai every day to get to school. On the days when I’m cruising on the back of the motorbike, I like to check out all the shops lining the road. Recently I noticed a restaurant tucked in behind some trees. It’s next door to a coffee shop on the right side as you’re driving toward Talad Mai, maybe half a kilometer before you reach the intersection. I have no idea what the place is called, but the white lettering on the glass walls reads “Vietnam Food” in English. It’s nice to change it up and eat something other than Thai once in a while, so we recently stopped in for a late lunch. I assumed, due to the English sign, that there would be an English menu. Nope. It was all in Thai. But there were some faded low-quality pictures for every item on the menu. Everything looked ok, but it was hard to really decipher what anything was, so we just pointed and hoped it turned out alright.

The food was actually pretty tasty. The shrimp spring rolls were good; the sweet pepper sauce with peanuts served alongside the rolls was incredible. The pho was also quite good. It wasn’t outstanding , but if you’re craving it, you should be satisfied. Most of the dishes on the menu were in the 50-90 baht range. Not dirt-cheap, but it won’t break the bank either if you’re looking for some non-Thai food. Although it probably won’t make our weekly dinner rotation, we were happy with the meal and we’ll go back. Go point at some blurry pictures and give it a try. Check back here soon for a post about another Vietnamese place.


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