Games Galore – Part 2

It’s time to hear about another one of my favorite games to use in class, “Throw the Pig SWAT.” It is one of my top picks for practicing vocabulary. Here’s how it goes.

List the current vocabulary you are studying horizontally across the board. For example, in my P6 class at Noonoy, the students were learning about famous people. As the students named famous people & we discussed why they were famous, I listed the names across the board. When we finished the discussion, I gave 1 student from each team a fly swatter. The students can stand close to the board or they can stand far away and run to the board, hop on one foot, etc. – “up to you”. Next you ask a question. For example, “Who is the president of the United States?” The first student to swat the board where it says Barack Obama gets a point for their team. Next, I have the whole class say “Barack Obama is the president of the United States.” Then, the winner of the swatting competition gets 2 chances to peg the loser with a small stuffed object (I use a small Angry Birds pig). It could really be anything soft, like any small stuffed animal or even a rolled up sock The students must stand in assigned locations. If the student throwing hits the other person with the pig, they get 1 point for their team. If the student that is being thrown at catches the pig, he gets 1 point for his team. Often times I stop in the middle of the game to have the whole class practice pronunciation or recite answers to the questions.

Variation 1: Draw pictures on the board or tape pictures to the board that you printed before class. Announce the vocabulary word. The 2 students have to race to SWAT the correct picture with the fly swatters.

Variation 2: Act something out (or have a student act something out). The students have to SWAT the picture or word that goes with whatever you are acting out.

This is definitely one of my “go to” games for reviewing and practicing vocabulary. The students have fun with it and there are plenty of variations, so the kids don’t get bored. I started out just doing SWAT, and then added throwing the stuffed pig later.

Alright folks, that’s it for now! Be looking for my next post on what might be my favorite game of the semester, “Rock-Paper-Scissors Relay.”


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