How to Transfer Money — by Michael

Is your Thai Bank Account overflowing with hard earned baht? Do you need to send it all back to America (or one of those other English speaking countries)? Here’s what you need:

1. Wen
2. Thai bank account book
3. Passport
4. Work Permit
5. SWIFT code
6. Account Number of the receiving account
7. Physical address of your bank
8. A deep calming breath

Let Wen know that you need to transfer money and which bank you use. She will give you a ride. Her car will be hot so be prepared for that.

When you get to the bank Wen will say stuff in Thai, the teller will nod, possibly wai her and run off to get all the paperwork. Have your passport, work permit, and bank account book ready. (Do not forget the account book, they will not let you do ANYTHING without it, its like a DNA sample to the bankers.)

At this point you will need to fill out the basic paperwork. It’s all pretty straightforward. The only possible glitch is that sometimes they don’t want you list yourself as the recipient. I got around this by sending the transfer from Michael Bartolomei to Mike Bartolomei. Smoke and mirrors, baby!

By the time you’ve finished with the paperwork twenty-minutes or so will have passed. Give Wen a snack, she will be running low on energy.

Make sure you get your banks SWIFT code ahead of time. The SWIFT code should include the banks physical address but ask for it anyway just in case.

Also, be aware that the Thai bank is going to charge you 1350 baht ($40) to move your own money. I know, for that kind of cash you could hire some dude whacked out on yaba to deliver it via minivan–thus the reason for #8 on the list above.

The banker will enter the SWIFT code and populate the rest of the fields. You will have a few things to add your signature to. A manager will come by to approve the final paperwork and you’re set leau (finished already).

Find Wen, she will have wandered off to take a phone call.

Go home, log on and look at all that sweet money that magically appeared in your old account. (Minus $40 of course).

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