Tips for New Teachers

Getting scared about the idea of teaching now?

I’ve compiled this short list of thoughts for teaching high school students. It is more for new teachers who are beginning to fear the idea of teaching before they have even touched down in Thailand. Boring to some, useful to others, I‘ve compiled these thoughts with non/ low experienced teachers in mind.

You’re going to have a good time here! I don’t know you, but I know the Super English Management and current staff. If you are a worrier that will upset people with your fretting before you leave, please print a copy of this for their sake, show it to them, put your mind and theirs at ease, and say, “I’m looking forward to my time in paradise!”

Want to go to work?

Always wear a smile.


Speak VERY slowly.

Expect NO second language from the students. It makes each day beautiful.

Have a collection of games available in your bag at all times.

Be silly/ stupid. Be “The Jester”.

Don’t expect any miracles. A large amount of teachers don’t understand the logic in other countries teaching methods, but no one has succeeded in changing them, except Peter.

Speak Very slowly.

Don’t get STRESSED. Nothing in the world pays enough for stress and its dangerous side effects.

Instigate your rules of the classroom within your first meetings of the students. When they know how you want the class running they will happily comply with your rules.

When you have any problems, remember your management and peers are there for you to offer advice and solutions, any time of the day.

Set a goal for your students from the beginning, something they think impossible but you can guarantee them they will be able to achieve in time. For example: by the end of this term you are going to speak for 5/6 minutes about your family, hobbies, future goals, likes and dislikes.

Speak Very slowly.

Encourage positive reinforcement and clapping in the classroom. Witness how much the students get from this.

Keep returning to previous weeks teachings to incorporate all your lessons. Continuity of targets and various ways to use them will reinforce your teaching.

Don’t expect too much from the students. Teach them the same target again using slightly different words.

Sing songs with the students. Provide them with the lyrics but delete ten of the words. Then listen to the song to determine and explain the missing words. Then sing! They love it.

Get to know as many nicknames as possible. I regret not asking my students to make a badge for me that they could wear each lesson.

Talk to as many students as you can, not just the ones you teach but people you regularly see in the corridors. Introduce yourself to the whole school.

Give the students a fresh start every week, even if their class behavior is consistently poor.

Talk with your students as a friend for 5/10 minutes at the start of each lesson. Start with simple questions and then advance to harder ones.

Expect many unexpected changes! Holidays, canceled classes, and on and on!

Draw/Explain each new word in great detail.

Encourage describing: “I don’t know the name but it is made from…..and used…..

Always tell the students when you are upset, Do your best not to leave the class in frustration or anger. This means the students have won.

Re-seat your students if the classroom environment is not positive. Keep notes and inform your assistant teachers.

Interview repeat problem students with your assistant. Keep in mind they have a lot more going in their lives than what you see.

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